Tradeberg International FZE is one of the leading players in Petrochemicals, with a vision to be an integrated multinational energy organization driving international growth with an excellent suite of developmental projects spread across different continents and industries. We believe in embracing innovation and changing with the times but always staying true to our founding values.

With an annual US$80 Million business, Tradeberg International FZE ambition is to become an eminent player globally in petrochemicals and with a vision to become a global conglomerate; the Company focuses in providing integrated solutions to its customers and creating unique value for its stakeholders.

Enriched with our diverse international experience, Tradeberg International FZE has enjoyed exceptional growth and success in the regions it is operating in. We have built a global network of clients, partners, associates and stakeholders and have firmly established ourselves as a modern, technically sophisticated and experienced supplier of petrochemical and petroleum products to clients across the Middle East, South East Asia, Africa and beyond.

We recognize that long term relations are better than short term gains, we believe that personalized attention and exceptional service is key to customer satisfaction, we understand that consistent quality, timely distribution and responsiveness are the cornerstones of our business. Most importantly, we believe that investment in innovation and people will continue to power our growth in the years to come. These sterling business ethics and practices have stood us in good stead, and have helped us earn a formidable reputation among our suppliers and customers.